Mini Collection: Purrloin & Liepard


Despite their apparently-nasty nature, I fell in love instantly with these purple cats the moment I first saw them in CoroCoro magazine leaks. After all, they do say it's the trainer that makes a Pokémon bad, not the Pokémon itself.

Currently Needing:
Pokémon Kids BW 3 Purrloin
Pokémon Medal Collection BW 2 038. Purrloin (Black, Gold Versions)
Pokémon Can Badge BW 2 Reshiram Pack Purrloin
Plush ~Unova Region Version~ Purrloin (Banpresto)
Ball Chain Plush ~Unova Region Version~ Purrloin (Banpresto)
Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Halloween Plush Purrloin (Banpresto)
My Pokémon Collection Movie Version D Liepard (Banpresto)
My Pokémon Collection Purrloin (Banpresto)
Takara Tomy Purrloin Plush
Stamp Retsuden BW 4 Liepard


Pokémon Center Plush Purrloin
ポケモンセンター ぬいぐるみ チョロネコ
Pokémon Center 2010

The very first piece of Purrloin merchandise released, and obviously the first plush as well. Very, very adorable and well-made!

Pokémon Center Musical Dress-Up Plush Purrloin
ポケモンセンター Musical おめかしぬいぐるみ チョロネコ
Pokémon Center 2011

During a very unique Pokémon Center promotion in July 2011 featuring dressed up Pokémon, this Deerling plush was released! Specifically the promotion was themed after the Musical minigame in Pokémon Black and White. The details are very lovely as well; embroidered pawpads, velveteen cape and crown, and the crown features a beautiful shiny gold fabric.

Pokémon Canvas Plush Purrloin
ポケモンキャンバスぬいぐるみ チョロネコ
Pokémon Center 2010

Canvas plush are made to resemble a painting, so their colors are much more muted and pastel. This Canvas Purrloin is such a gorgeous shade of purple.

Chupa Surprise Pocket Monsters BW Unova Region Pokémon Purrloin
チュッパサプライズポケットモンスターBW イッシュ地方のポケモンたち チョロネコ
Takara Tomy ARTS 2011

Chupa Surprise figures are candytoys that come blind-packaged with Chupa-Chups lollipops, in plastic Pokéballs encased over the top of the sucker. This Purrloin Chupa Surprise figure comes from the second BW set.


Pokémon Kids Special 577. Liepard
ポケモンキッズスペシャル 577.レパルダス
Bandai 2011

Liepard's very first piece of merchandise, and in a special Kids set! For the first time ever, the Pokémon Kids in this set each come with a special promotional trading card!

Zukan/Visual Pokédex BW 03 1/40 Scale Purrloin, Liepard
立体ポケモン図鑑 BW03 1/40スケール チョロネコ、レパルダス
Yujin/Takara Tomy 2008

Adorable 1/40 scale figures of Unova's resident cats. Interestingly, unlike past sets, Purrloin's tiny sub-base is a solid white instead of clear.

Pokémon Center National Pokédex Metal Charm 509 Purrloin, 510 Liepard
ポケモンセンター 全国ずかんメタルチャーム 509 チョロネコ、510 レパルダス
Pokémon Center 2012

Black and White seems to have broken all molds in Pokémon collecting, and this promotion of metal charms is no exception. Banpresto's My Pokémon Collection made the unprecidented move of aiming to release every Unova Pokémon in plush form, and the Pokémon Center seemed to turn that into a challenge and decided to release every single Pokémon up to Kyurem in metal charm form. This is an adorable two piece set of Purrloin and Liepard!