Shaymin Figures and Keychains

Figures are some of my favorite pieces of merchandise, and Shaymin is no different. All of these are very beautifully detailed, small or large, and equally as adorable as even the plush. My favorites include the KeshiPoké and the Zukan figures, and the Kumitateshiki DX figure is huge, slightly bigger than the normal-sized UFO Catcher plush!


Pokémon Monster Collection Shaymin (Land Forme) Figure
ポケモン モンスターコレクション シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 フィギュア
Takara Tomy 2008

A main staple in Pokémon merchandise, Tomy Monster collection has been around since the very beginning. This is Shaymin's MC figure, numbered MC-77.

Pokémon MonColle+ Shaymin (Land Forme) Figure
ポケモン モンコレプラス シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 フィギュア
Takara Tomy 2010

Like new versions of V-Trainer figures, MonColle+ are much more dynamic than normal MC figures. Standing on gray bases that store data, you can "train" these figures by battling them against other figures in specialized electronic readers. The figure poses are even more dynamic than normal MC figures, all of which feature a unique mold not used in any other figure.

Pokémon Kids Diamond & Pearl 8 Shaymin (Land Forme) Normal & Clear Versions
ポケモン キッズダイヤモンド&パール8 シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Bandai Japan 2008

Pokémon Kids, like Tomy MC, is one of the longest-running series of Pokémon merchandise still running. This is Shaymin's first Kid, along with a clear version that came both randomly in a box, or as a magazine omake. This set, DP 8, was also the very last set to feature the chance for a clear Kid due to rising oil prices impacting production.

Pokémon Kids Movies 2008 Giratina Set Shaymin
ポケモン キッズムービーズ2008 ギラティナセット シェイミ
Bandai Japan 2008

In commemoration of movie 11, two boxes of special Kids figures were released. This angry little Shaymin came in the Giratina Set.

Pokémon Kids DX Diamond & Pearl 3 Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモン キッズDXダイヤモンド&パール3 シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Bandai Japan 2008

Pretty much a normal Shaymin Kid, but twice as big!

Kumitateshiki DX Sofubi Figure ~2008~ Shaymin (Land Forme)
組立式DX ソフビフィギュア~2008~ シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Banpresto 2008

It's hard to describe just how huge this figure is. The biggest Shaymin figure of all by a longshot, it's bigger than many plush it got! This big hedgehog was originally an amusement prize back in 2008.

KeshiPoké Diamond & Pearl Series 4 Shaymin
けしポケ ダイヤモンド&パール第4弾 シェイミ
EnSky 2008

One of the rarest Shaymin figures, this tiny figure quickly became hard to find after release. KeshiPoké come blind-boxed in rubber eraser Pokéballs (hence the name; keshi is part of the Japanese word for eraser [消しゴム]), and because of their large sets, quickly become rare and sought once out of production, especially the older AG set figures.

Pocket Monsters D&P KeshiPoké Set Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケットモンスターD&P けしポケセット シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
EnSky 2010

Unlike its cousin above, this guy wasn't blind-boxed, but instead came in a special pack with two other Pokémon.

Bikkura Tamago Pocket Monsters Diamond・Pearl ⑤ Shaymin
びっくらたまご ポケットモンスターダイヤモンド・パール⑤ シェイミ
Bandai Japan 2008

Another rare Shaymin figure, like most in the Bikkura Tamago series tend to become. Bikkura Tamago is a series of figures that come inside soap shaped like Pokéballs, that dissolve in hot bath water.

Pokémon Clipping Figure Part 4 Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモン クリッピングフィギュア Part 4 シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Bandai Japan 2008

One of my favorite Shaymin figures. Clipping Figures are named for the trading card they come with, which is called a "clipping". The clipping features the figure in a dynamic setting with trivia about that Pokémon. Some sets are blind-boxed, others aren't.

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Metal Collection 6 Shaymin (Land Forme) Silver, Gold, Copper, Dark Gold Versions
ポケモン ダイヤモンド&パール メタルコレクション6 シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 銀、金、銅、渋金バージョン
Kyodo 2008
(Missing Gunmetal Gray version.)

Yet another rare set of Shaymin figures. I was lucky to get the first four variations, but I'm still missing Gunmetal Gray. It's not uncommon either for it to be difficult or close to impossible to get every color variation of a Metal Collection figure, especially if it happens to be a Generation I or III Pokémon.

Zukan/Visual Pokédex DP 08 1/40 Scale Shaymin (Land Forme & Sky Forme)
立体ポケモン図鑑 DP08 1/40スケール シェイミ「ランドフォルム」&「スカイフォルム」
Yujin/Takara Tomy 2008

Tied with all the other 8-inch Pokémon for tiniest Zukan ever, until Joltik gets one that is! I really love the base for these guys; Land Forme stands on a glacier while Sky Forme flies in the clouds. Obviously the tiniest Shaymin figure as well.

Pokémon Pose Figure DP '08 Movie Version Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモン ポーズフィギュアDP'08劇場版 シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Subarudo 2008

While contrary to the series name this figure doesn't pose in any way, it did originally come with a Sky Forme Shaymin that did. I'm not complaining though, it's still a very nice figure!

GachaBox DX Pokémon DS Touch Pen 2 Shaymin (Land Forme)
ガチャボックスDX ポケモンDSタッチペン2 シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Takara Tomy 2008
(Missing Clear Green version.)

Interestingly, these series of figure DS Touch Pens become rare even before they stop selling, due to a combination of being gachapon and being exclusively sold at 7-11 stores. I had a hard time tracking this guy down, and finally did two years after release. I'm still missing the clear green version however.

Super Battle Card Stadium Figure Shaymin (Land Forme)
スーパーバトルカードスタジアムフィギュア シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Takara Tomy 2008

I admit, I have no idea how this figure works, but it's adorably angry. The cards also have an interesting history; they were the first to reveal a leak about Shaymin having another forme, due to the cards being labeled "Land Forme".

Pokémon Chou Get Platinum World 01 Shaymin (Land Forme) Normal & Platinum Versions
ポケモン超ゲット大全プラチナワールド01 シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Bandai Japan 2008

Chou Get are gachapon figures on interlocking bases, but also have ties to an ongoing chain of Bandai gachapon figure series, including Battle Museum and TM Collection, that date all the way back to the beginning. In commemoration of Pokémon Platinum, this set included a special platinum color variation.

Pokémon Chou Get Zenkoku Version 02 Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモン超ゲット大全ぜんこくバージョン02 シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Bandai Japan 2009

Another Shaymin Chou Get, this time in my all-time favorite Shaymin pose!

Pokémon Center Original Monster Ball Get Daizatsuki Figure Shaymin (Land Forme) Normal & Silver Versions
ポケモンセンター オリジナル モンスターボールゲット 台座付フィギュア
シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 ノーマル&銀バージョン
Pokémon Center/Banpresto 2008
(Missing Bronze version.)

These figures were random prizes given out at a lottery of sorts at the Pokémon Centers. Unfortunately I'm still missing the Bronze Version.

Pokémon Center Original Monster Ball Get Kororin Mascot Shaymin
ポケモンセンター オリジナルモンスターボールゲット ころりんマスコット シェイミ
Pokémon Center/Banpresto 2008

These figures were random prizes given out at a lottery of sorts at the Pokémon Centers, I believe ranked lower (and thus more common) than the figures above.

Pokémon Gekitou! Diorama Magnet Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモン 激闘!ジオラマグネット シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Subarudo 2008

Exactly what it says on the tin, a diorama magnet with a removeable Shaymin figure. I believe the attack its using is Leaf Storm or Razor Leaf.

Pokémon 7-11 Mini-Mini Choro-Q Car Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモン セブンイレブン ミニミニチョロQ カー シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Takara Tomy 2008

This adorable little pull-back car was sold in 7-11 during the summer movie commemoration on bottles of drinks.

Pokémon Stamp Figure Collection Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモン スタンプフィギュアコレクション シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
HottoMotto 2008

This stamp is surprisingly big, and one of my favorites as well. Thankfully it isn't too difficult to find if you look.

Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl PokéPika Stamp Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール ポケピカスタンプ シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
EnSky 2008

I didn't expect this to be as hard to find as it was, but it sure was. In typical EnSky fashion, this quickly became rare, and I only found it three years after initial release. It's not only a stamp, but it also lights up!

Pokémon Diorama World Shaymin (Land Forme) & Pikachu
ポケモン ジオラマワールド シェイミ「ランドフォルム」&ピカチュウ
Yujin 2008

If you happened to have the complete set of this gachapon set, you had a whole diorama, hence the name. Each figure came with different pieces and bases. I just had to buy the Pikachu too because it came with Glacidea Flowers, while poor Shaymin didn't.

Pokémon Stick Mascot Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモン ぴたっとマスコット シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Takara Tomy 2008

An adorably-tiny little suction cup gachapon figure.

Pocket Monsters Petamagu Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケットモンスター ぺたマグ シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Takara Tomy 2008

This is another Shaymin magnet, this time on a wobbly Master Ball.

McDonald's Happy Meal Shaymin 3D Spinning Disc
マクドナルド ハッピーセット シェイミ くるくる3D ディスク
Pikachu Project? 2008

One of the earliest Shaymin products released, it's also one of the coolest. It's pretty much a figure inside a disc with mirrors so it appears to be floating on top. It can't really be captured with a photograph, but it's really cool in person.

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Basic Figure Series 13 Shaymin (Land Forme)
Jakks Pacific 2009

The first Jakks Pacific release of Shaymin, and also the very first Shaymin figure released outside Japan!

Pokémon Shaymin Collection Candy Container Figure Shaymin (Land Forme)
Topps 2009

A Candy Container Shaymin figure, only released in Europe. The name comes from the way it was once packaged; within a plastic Pokéball filled with candy.

Spin Collection: Giratina and Shaymin Shaymin (Land Forme) Figures (Normal and Clear Versions)
Bandai Europe 2009

These are Europe-exclusive gachapon that you insert into Pokéball spinners and spin.

Nintendo DS Pokémon Character Stylus Shaymin (Land Forme)
PDP 2009

An adorable (and top-heavy!) US release Shaymin figure stylus.

Pokémon Pop 'n Battle Poké Ball Shaymin (Land Forme)
Jakks Pacific 2009

This is easily one of my favorite figures. I love the detail on the clear plastic "energy" inside the Pokéball, and of course the Shaymin itself is cute as can be.

Pokémon Rumble U NFC Figure set 3 Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモンスクランブルU NFCフィギュア第3弾 シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Pokémon Center 2013

These amazing little gashapon figures use the Wii U's Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to appear in the game, just by placing it on the Wii U GamePad. I'm so happy Shaymin got one! As far as I know, figures distributed in different countries are all equally compatible with the game and not region-locked.

Pokémon Center PokéMomo Relief Mascot Sharp Pen Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモンセンター ポケもも レリーフますこっとシャープペン シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Pokémon Center/Momo Okada 2013

PokéMomo is a collaboration of the Pokémon Center and illustrator Momo Okada, producing unique goods featuring her illustrations. Adding to the adorableness that is the PokéMomo Shaymin plush, here's a relief figure pen using the same design!

Pokémon 20th Anniversary Clip 'n' Carry Poké Ball Shaymin (Land Forme)
Tomy 2016

For the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, Toys"R"Us stores in countries outside of Japan exclusively released a special Shaymin Clip 'n' Carry figure during the month of July. The packaging is really outstanding, so I can't bring myself to open it!


Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl Pokémon Strap 2008 Movie Version Shaymin (Land Forme) Normal & Clear Versions
ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド・パール ポケモンストラップ2008ムービーバージョン シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 ノーマル&クリアバージョン
Bandai Japan 2008

With every DP movie on, comes a gachapon strap set with alternate clear versions. I originally bought a set of two early but they got lost on the way to the deputy service, but thankfully I eventually found replacements.

Giratina and the Bouquet of the Sky: Shaymin DVD Omake Shaymin's "Strap Deshu"
ギラティナと氷空の花束~シェイミ~ DVDおまけ シェイミの「ストラップでしゅ」
Media Factory 2008

The first press of the movie 11 DVDs came with this adorable omake rubber strap, featuring my other favorite Shaymin pose. I even love the name of the keychain, featuring Shaymin's adorable "deshu" speech pattern.

Daizatsuki Collection Figure Strap ~2008~ Shaymin (Land Forme)
台座付コレクション フィギュアストラップ~2008~ シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Banpresto 2008

Originally an amusement prize, this is a beautiful figure with removeable strap, base, and postcard backing.

GachaBox DX Pokémon Flash Mascot Shaymin (Land Forme)
ガチャボックスDX ポケモン フラッシュマスコット シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Takara Tomy 2008

This is yet another figure that took me a while to track down. Like the figure Touch Pens, this was in a gachapon set sold only at 7-11 stores, and thus became hard to find. It was well worth the wait though, it has great detail and lights up!

Figure Key Holder ~2008~ Shaymin
フィギュアキーホルダー~2008~ シェイミ
Banpresto 2008

These large figure keychains have become a Banpresto Pokémon prize staple since the beginning of DP. The only downside is the awkward tag style makes them hard to stand up, but otherwise another adorable Shaymin keychain.

Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl Plate Figure Keychain 1 ~Shiny Color ver.~ Shaymin
ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール プレート付フィギュアキーホルダー1~シャイニーカラーver.~ シェイミ
Banpresto 2008

A gorgeous pearly-finished version of the Banpresto Figure Key Holder above! Another new addition is a plastic plate with Shaymin's sihouette on it.

Kororin Pokémon Figure Strap vol. 1 ~2008~ Shaymin
ころりん ポケモン フィギュアストラップVol.1~2008~ シェイミ
Banpresto 2008

Another adorable Banpresto amusement prize, this one almost resembles a Pokédoll!

Pokémon Center Fastener Mascot Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモンセンター ファスナーマスコット シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Pokémon Center 2008

This fastener figure, along with the Doll Original Strap and Gaufrette Tin, were the first Pokédoll merchandise to surface in years. As such, they all are very difficult to find now. I really love Pokédoll Shaymin, so I'm extra glad I bought this charm.

Pokémon Center Metal Charm Shaymin (Land Forme & Sky Forme)
ポケモンセンター メタルチャーム シェイミ「ランドフォルム」&「スカイフォルム」
Pokémon Center 2008

These charms were predacessors to the very famous HGSS complete Johto Pokédex charm promotion. I bought the Sky Forme along with its Pokédoll shortly after the forme was first revealed, and still cherish it.

Pokémon Center Metal Charm Shaymin (Land Forme) Version II
ポケモンセンター メタルチャーム シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 バージョンII
Pokémon Center 2008

Another Land Forme Pokémon Center mini charm, released during fall 2008 with Rotom, among others.

Pokémon Center Shaymin (Land Forme) Doll Original Strap
ポケモンセンター シェイミ「ランドフォルム」ドール オリジナルストラップ
Pokémon Center 2008

This took me a bit to find, but it was well worth it. Pokédoll Shaymin is just so cute!

Pokémon Netsuke Mascot Movie 11th Ver. Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモン 根付マスコット MOVIE 11th Ver. シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Yujin 2008

One of my favorite new series of gashapon merchandise, Netsuke Mascots are heavily Japanese, inspired by both netsuke and kifuda (Japanese wooden name tags). And to boot, this is my favorite Shaymin pose. In commemoration of Pokémon Platinum, it also got a rerelease with a platinum-colored name tag.

Zukan W Mascot Shaymin (Land Forme)
ずかんWマスコット シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Takara Tomy 2008

W in Japanese tends to stand for "double", and that's exactly what this keychain is: a double zukan (Pokédex). I really love the detailing in the Pokédex, which can open and close!

Pokémon DX Strap Shaymin (Land Forme)
DXストラップ シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Bandai Japan 2008

Another one of my favorite straps, this features Shaymin on a beautiful backing of clear plastic leaves. It's flat, but they really made it pop.

Pokemon Action Keychain DP Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモン アクション キーチェーンDP シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Bandai Japan 2008

Each Action Keychain has an "action", and this keychain's action is lighting up.

Pokémon PokéBall Keychain Series 20 Shaymin (Land Forme)
Basic Fun 2009

Basic Fun's Pokéball Keychain series dates all the way back to Generation I, making it one of the oldest outside-Japan series of Pokémon merchandise! The keychain figure is removeable from the Pokéball, and the Pokéball can snap shut.

Pokémon Center National Pokédex Metal Charm 492 Shaymin (Sky & Land Formes)
ポケモンセンター 全国ずかんメタルチャーム 492 シェイミ(スカイ&ランドフォルム)
Pokémon Center 2012

Black and White seems to have broken all molds in Pokémon collecting, and this promotion of metal charms is no exception. Banpresto's My Pokémon Collection made the unprecidented move of aiming to release every Unova Pokémon in plush form, and the Pokémon Center seemed to turn that into a challenge and decided to release every single Pokémon up to Kyurem in metal charm form. This is an adorable two piece set of both of Shaymin's Formes!

Pokémon Time Strap Shaymin (Land Forme)
pokémon time ストラップ シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Pokémon Center 2016

At last, joining one of my other all-time favorites, Absol, Shaymin is included in a Pokémon Time line! This is the obligatory figure strap. These figure straps also feature different themed backings on the back of the packaging card! I was able to trade for the Shaymin version, and it's how I choose to display this adorable strap.

Pokémon Time Rubber Strap Collection Shaymin (Land Forme)
pokémon time ラバーストラップコレクション シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Pokémon Center 2016

In addition to the figure straps, this Pokémon Time line also had blind-packaged flat rubber straps! It is absolutely adorable, and surprisingly large!