Official Websites

Information Resources

  • Collector Viper
    The best resource on card information, news, history, and high-quality scans. Second only to the official Japanese site.
  • All About Pokémon Figure
    My absolute favorite source for news and the latest information on merchandise releases. If you're a collector, this site is a must to check frequently.
  • The PokéPlush Project
    A great resource, with its goal of being documenting each and every Pokémon plush ever made. (Within reason. I'm looking at you, Pikachu.)
  • Veekun
    Not merchandise-related, but is the best Pokédex out there, from everything from basic Pokémon information to movesets, even an IV calculator.
  • Jim Breen's WWWJDIC
    My all-time favorite online Japanese dictionary. Not only can you look up words, in Romanji and Kana/Kanji, but you can translate sentences comprehensively, and look up Kanji using an amazing multiradical method. An amazing educational tool.
  • Nifty Translator
    The online translator I use to translate auctions and such. To translate into English, click the 日本語 > 英語 option.

Merchandise Resources and Stores

  • Yahoo Japan Auctions
    Where I buy most of my merchandise, using a deputy service.
    Note that this site is Japanese-only, but you can always use an online translator for the auctions.
  • eBay
    Another indispensible auction site I use. However, be vigilant about spotting bootlegs.
  • Shopping Mall Japan, Rinkya, Crescent Shop
    The three main deputy services, all with their own pros and cons. (I personally use Shopping Mall Japan.)
    SMJ: Has great service and good prices, but their internal shipping can be a little high at times.
    Rinkya: Has the best and most professional system and is very fast and reliable, but their fees and shipping are the highest of the three by-far.
    Crescent Shop: Has the best prices in terms of fees and internal shipping and great service, but only one CS user at a time can bid on the same item, and considering how popular this service is among Pokémon collectors, that might be a big problem if you're after the same item as many.
  • Sunyshore Pokémart
    One of my all-time favorite stores, run by a good friend of mine! I've bought a good few rare collectibles from her, and her prices are always fair. Always top-notch merchandise, too, many of which you won't find anywhere else, sometimes even on Yahoo Japan.

Collection Websites

  • Mystic Firefly
    My Sailor Saturn collection website.
  • Sacred Field
    My Beast Trio and Absol collection website.
  • Sunyshore
    From the same Gin who brought you Sunyshore Pokémart! Come see the world's largest Raichu collection, and tons of other awesome Electrics.
  • Munchlax's Lunchbox
    The Munchlax/Snorlax collection of good friend Nef!
  • Hanten Sekai
    Come check out good friend Amber's collections! Her Giratinas are to die for.
  • Flower Paradise
    What better to link here than a fellow Shaymin collection? Castform's collection is absolutely stunning (and of course, adorable)!
  • Mamoswine!
    My friend Lissie's collection site, featuring, among Flaaffy and others, the adorable snow pigs line!
  • Mareeps!
    My friend Riku's impressive Mareep, Flaaffy, and Ampharos collection! Also included are Togekiss, the Dratini line, and Misty!
  • Dialga FTW
    My friend Toz's site featuring her extremely impressive Dialga collection, and also includes Jolteon and Dragon Pokémon!
  • Fernchu's Pokémon Collections
    My friend Fernchu's extremely impressive Umbreon collection, among other awesome Pokémon such as Suicune, Absol, the Luxray line, Pokédoll merchandise, and more.
  • River's End
    My friend Key's site dedicated to her very impressive Vaporeon collection. (Oh how I wish I could collect it!)
  • Pokémon Passions
    My friend Ritzy's site, featuring her awesome Flareon collection among others, including Absol!
  • Pokémon Collector
    The collection site of my friend Carolina Suikun! Her favorite Pokémon include Suicune and Lopunny, but she also features an impressive collection of a wide variety of Pokémon, including Raikou, Entei, Absol, and Shaymin!