Shaymin Plush

Adorable plush of this adorable little flower hedgehog. For lottery and theatre promo plush, and 20th Anniversary plush, please see the appropriate pages!

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Pokémon Plush DP Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモンぬいぐるみDP シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Takara Tomy 2008

One of the first Shaymin plush released, this is also one of the best. Along with the talking plush, the long fur has a very nice, huggable texture, and is even extremely close to 1:1 scale in size! Definitely a must-have Shaymin plush for even a casual collector.

Talking Plush DP Shaymin (Land Forme)
おしゃべりぬいぐるみDP シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Takara Tomy 2008

An amazing talking plush with a whopping eight different phrases, including "ミーに感謝するでしゅ" ("Be grateful deshu!") and "ありがとうでしゅ" ("Thank you deshu!"). I loved Shaymin's adorable speech patterns in the movie, and with this plush I can enjoy them more! The white fur also has a very huggy-soft texture to it.

Pokémon Center Pokédoll Shaymin (Land Forme & Sky Forme)
ポケモンセンター ポケドール シェイミ「ランドフォルム」&「スカイフォルム」
Pokémon Center 2008

With all movie Pokémon, come Pokédolls of them! While slightly creepy to most, I can't help but love this adorable doll. I also bought a Sky Forme Shaymin doll shortly after the forme was first revealed, and I still love it. I just simply have no room to collect Sky Forme as well unfortunately.

Pokémon Center Pokédoll Shaymin (Land Forme) (US Version)
Pokémon Center International 2011

Two years after the initial Japanese release, the Pokémon Center kiosks in the US got a Shaymin doll as well! Features the same adorable Pokédoll art seen on the Japanese tag on a new design English tag.

Pokémon Center Pokémon Doll House Mini Pokédoll Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモンセンター ポケモンドールハウス ミニポケドール シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Pokémon Center 2013

At the beginning of 2013, the Pokémon Centers released a set of 12 mini Pokédolls, all housed in a Pokémon Center "doll house". I was thrilled to see Land Forme Shaymin among the dolls released, so I participated in a group buy of the set for the cutie! The other dolls included are Pikachu, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Manaphy, Darkrai, Victini, Ordinary Forme Keldeo, and Aria Forme Meloetta!

Shaymin (Land Forme) Full Body Puppet
シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 フルボディーパペット
Heartland 2008

An adorable full body puppet of Shaymin, hence the wrinkly appearance. (You have to have room to stick your hand, after all!) Even while still in stores, this plush was hard to find due to not many sellers, even on Yahoo Japan, bothering to stock them.

Pokémon Relax Plush Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモンまったりぬいぐるみ シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Takara Tomy 2009

Named for the signature laying pose of the plush in this series, this is another adorable Takara Tomy Shaymin plush.

NEW Pokémon Plush Shaymin (Land Forme)
NEWポケモンぬいぐるみ シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Takara Tomy 2009

Yet another adorable Takara Tomy Shaymin plush!

Pokémon Canvas Plush Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモンキャンバスぬいぐるみ シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Pokémon Center 2010

Canvas plush are made to resemble a painting, so their colors are much more muted and pastel. This color scheme on Shaymin is absolutely beautiful and fitting.

Super DX Shaymin UFO Catcher Plush ~2008~
スーパーDX シェイミ ぬいぐるみ~2008~
Banpresto 2008

The first in a long line of Shaymin UFO plush, and the first in a string of Super DX plush. Most are rereleases, but this is the only one with a more textured fabric than later releases.

Shaymin (Land Forme) Korottomanmaru Plush ~2008~
シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 コロっとまんまる ぬいぐるみ~2008~
Banpresto 2008

One of my favorite UFO plush. Korottomanmaru is a forerunner series Banpresto Pokémon plush starting with DP, and roughly translates to "rolly-polly".

Shaymin Super DX Korottomanmaru Plush 1 ~2008~
シェイミ スーパーDX コロっとまんまる ぬいぐるみ1~2008~
Banpresto 2008

Identical in pattern to the Super DX Shaymin UFO Catcher, the main difference in this plush is a thinner, non-textured fabric.

Shaymin (Land Forme) UFO Catcher Plush ~2008~
シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 ぬいぐるみ~2008~
Banpresto 2008

Another adorable Shaymin UFO Catcher!

Shaymin (Land Forme) Ball Chain UFO Catcher Plush ~2008~
シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 ボールチェーン付ぬいぐるみ~2008~
Banpresto 2008

This keychain plush has a textured fabric like the Super DX UFO plush, and has a ball chain.

Shaymin (Land Forme) Rubber String Plush ~2008~
シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 ゴムひも付ぬいぐるみ~2008~
Banpresto 2008

Unlike the plush above, this keychain plush has a thinner non-textured fabric and has a rubber string instead of a ball string.

Shaymin (Land Forme) Saikoro Plush ~2008~
シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 サイコロ型ぬいぐるみ~2008~
Banpresto 2008

This very unique plush, which roughly translates to "dice plush", features a different Pokémon, number, and Rock/Paper/Scissors symbol on each side. You can probably guess who I bought this plush for!

Pokémon Friends Diamond & Pearl Shaymin (Land Forme) Plush
ポケモンフレンズ ダイヤモンド&パール シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 ぬいぐるみ
Bandai Japan 2008

Pokémon Friends is a series of candytoy plush that ran all the way back to the beginning. Unfortunately, the series seems to have ended with this set, but what a way to go; this Shaymin is amazingly adorable.

Pokémon Center PokéMomo Mascot Plush Shaymin (Land Forme)
ポケモンセンター ポケもも マスコットぬいぐるみ シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Pokémon Center/Momo Okada 2013

PokéMomo is a collaboration of the Pokémon Center and illustrator Momo Okada, producing unique goods featuring her illustrations. I was so excited to see Shaymin get a mascot plush this promotion; Okada's unique illustration style really suits Shaymin's carefree and stubborn attitude!

Pokémon Petit Mascot Shaymin (Land Forme)
Pokémon Petit マスコット シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Pokémon Center 2015

First Absol, now Shaymin! You really can't go wrong when it comes to Shaymin plush, especially adorable chibified mascots like this! I really love the embroidery detail of the facial features and seeds, and the tag art as well.

Pokémon Petit Pastel Mascot Shaymin (Land Forme)
Pokémon Petit Pastel マスコット シェイミ「ランドフォルム」
Pokémon Center 2016

Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush PP73 Shaymin (Land Forme) (S)
ポケットモンスター ALL STAR COLLECTION ぬいぐるみ
PP73 シェイミ「ランドフォルム」 (S)
Sanei Boeki 2017

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Mini Plush Series 7 Shaymin (Land Forme)
Jakks Pacific 2009

From the seventh Diamond & Pearl series of mini plush, this is the first Shaymin plush released outside of Japan. I love the extra layers of hedgehog fluff and the adorable elongated nose!

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Throw Poké Ball Shaymin (Land Forme)
Jakks Pacific 2009

More or less a minature version of the above, that pops out of a Pokéball! Definitely an adorable and recommended Shaymin plush.

Pokémon 20th Anniversary 8" Plush Shaymin (Land Forme)
Tomy 2016

For the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, Toys"R"Us stores in countries outside of Japan exclusively released a special crushed-velvet Shaymin plush during the month of July. I really love the clear vinyl packaging!