Welcome to Glacidea no Hana!


Last Updated - 4/28/23

Please update your links to glacidea.sui-kun.net if accessing from the old URL!

Welcome to Glacidea no Hana, a site dedicated to my collection of Shaymin Land Forme merchandise, along with a few side-collections of other Pokémon I love.

This site not only catalogues each piece of my collection, but also can serve as a reference for fellow collectors of this adorable little flower hedgehog. I hope you enjoy what you'll find here, and check back often for new additions to my growing hedgehog hoarde!

With the new layout, nearly all the photos have been freshly retaken! I've also finally found a solution to showcasing scans of my trading card singles without it being an organized mess, so check it all out!

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Note that this site looks best with Japanese font support installed on your browser, as I'll include Japanese text for informational purposes. Trust me, it's a lifesaver to install anyway when searching for goods!

When navigating this site, just click on the Glacidea Flower at the bottom of each page, or in the menu, to return here!