Shaymin Animedex

Note: Due to a personal preference and fondness for the original English voice cast, I refuse to acknowledge the Pokémon dub after season 8/movie 8. I won't list the dub voice credits or dub titles for anything after that.

Voice Actress: Vanilla Yamazaki / 山崎バニラ

Giratina and the Bouquet of the Sky: Shaymin
Giratina and the Bouquet of the Sky: Sheimi

After getting caught in the middle of a tiff between Giratina and Dialga that sends it far from home, Shaymin meets Ash and co., and accompanies them as they take it back to its rightful home.

Saikou Everyday!

DP#168: Fly, Shaymin! Beyond the Sky!

The gang help Marley and a lone Shaymin find Glacidea Flowers so it can fly home.